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2015 ATS Coupe: A Cursory Review

The 2015 ATS coupe is a work of style and performance on wheels. Metallic sheen of the exterior is eye-catching and makes a very good statement on the road. The intuitive technology is all set to offer a rare thrilling experience.

Spectacular 2015 ATS Coupe

Exterior / Interior of 2015 ATS Coupe

The coupe has a light and elite design. Slender and strong structure matches very well with the very modern crest that has been embellished  on the grille. The striking feature is the illusion that it creates of movement even when it is not moving. The smooth forever running lines and the confidently molded body offers this illusion.

2015 ATS Coupe Interior

The powerful exterior has a wide stance and a neatly arched back, while the muscular body gives the impression of an athlete, who is completely ready to sprint. Innovative lighting, capless fuel filling, aero profile mirrors, forged aluminum wheels along with the door handles that light up create a spellbinding picture.

2015 ATS Coupe Exterior

The rear look is equally impressive. The integrated brake lamps along with the tail lamps in slender vertical shape render a squat dimension to it that adds to the athletic appearance. Interesting visual detail has been introduced with the aerodynamic spoiler sculpted into the trunk and a sleek band below the trunk lip.

The interior boasts great craftsmanship as well as functionality. The leather covered seats have neat cut-sewn pattern. Seating is comfortable and luxurious.  The buyer gets the choice of having any of the five exclusive interiors. Options between supple leather and semi-aniline exists that can be combined with classy wood, carbon fiber trim or aluminum. More space can be made as the rear seat can be split-folded.

Engine and Mileage

2015 ATS Coupe Engine

The buyer can meet his driving needs by choosing any of the high-performance engines. There is 2.0L turbocharged one that is standard and produces 295 lb-ft of torque. This four-cylinder has received the rating of 272 hp. It gives a mileage of 21 mpg (city) and 33 mpg (highway). If you wish to get more power, you can choose the 3.6L V-6 that generates torque of 275 lb-ft and has received the rating of 321 hp. Its mileage is between 18 and 28 mpg.

Price and release date of 2015 ATS Coupe

The cost of this vehicle starts at $37,995 and goes up to $60,870. It will be released some time in 2015.

Well-engineered body and engine of this car make it a highly awaited one for the Cadillac lovers. 2015 ATS Coupe is a personal coupe with a sporty feel that is as much luxury as a performance-packed vehicle it is.

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