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2015 BMW M3 Car – Price , Features and Specifications

2015 BMW M3 is a car which assures high powerful performances and adequate fuel consumption.  BMW M3 is created with responsive engines, enhanced braking systems and aero energetic body improvements along with tri color ‘M’ emblems.

Stylish 2015 BMW M3

Exterior / Interior of 2015 BMW M3

This exclusive car comes with striking exterior appearance. The main body exterior of this splendid car includes attractive turn signal indicator mirrors and power door mirrors. The heated door and power door mirror attached in this M3 car provides wonderful exterior look. The outlook of this M3 contains a deeply sculpted front bumper, tactful top bulge and flared fenders around the car. The exact size of a tablet style display screen of this M3 car is 6.5 inches. Car lovers who choose this M3 car can expect excellent add on components like polyurethane front spoilers, front air intakes, carbon fiber real spoiler and other effective exterior accessories.

BMW M3 Interior

This M3 car will come with an extraordinary interior M performance steering wheel which is covered in trimmed carbon fiber. The interior of this attractive car has a race monitor which exhibits the acceleration figures and current gears. It features Bluetooth technology that helps you to respond the call without any disturbance in your driving. It contains various entertainment features such as MP3 decoder, DVD audio, AM or FM radio and CD player.

BMW M3 Exterior

Engine condition and mileage of 2015 BMW M3

This M3 car is equipped with a new 3.OL Turbocharged I6 engine which makes 425 horsepower and 406 IB feet of torque at 1850 rpm. Most of the car drivers are a big fan of this turbo engine, as it provides high hp at 7300 rpm. This M3 car hits the speed of 60 mph within 3.95 seconds. The top speed of this M3 car is limited till 155 mph. Though the speed of this car is very high, but it is extremely better in its fuel economy. You may not acquire any disturbance from the engine sound while driving this luxurious car. The engine sound conveys its best performance.

BMW M3 Engine

Price and release facts

This spacious car is expected to reveal in early 2015. The price of this M3 car begins at $ 62,950.

With the proud name of BMW along with advanced technology in sedan cars, 2015 BMW M3 would be the perfect choice if you look for sedan models. If you wish to avail sporty feel while driving car, then you can go for this M3 car.

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