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2015 Ford Focus ST: Know It Better Here

2015 Ford Focus ST is not to be missed if you have a small family or travel occasionally with a group of friends. With its looks, it is apparent that the passengers in the car will not be complaining.


2015 Ford Focus ST

Exterior and Interior Features

The vehicle has a neat look with soft edges. When you see the fascia, you know that you are looking at something different. The 2015 Focus ST’s headlights are less wide than that of its predecessor, which lends it an air of stylishness. Moreover, they are placed in an angle and beautifully merge with the front. Other new features include the hatch, which now looks sharper. The grille looks cool and gives the vehicle a well-balanced look. The fog lights are not spectacular but they blend well. The tail lamps have been reduced in dimension, which again give the car a new personality.


Rear View of 2015 Ford Focus ST

The interior is nice and comfy to look at. The seats offer coziness, as they have a snug fit with 8-way adjustment option. You may get surprised at the ample legroom in the cabin, as the steering wheel is flat at the bottom. Even if you are taller than usual or XL/XXL, you may not be required to adjust your seat.


2015 Ford Focus ST Interior

Equipped with a rear-view camera, backing out from cramped places and parking lots should not be a problem. The USB port is much talked about; Ford claims it will charge devices at twice the speed. Furthermore, there are speculations that some of the upcoming models may even feature heated steering wheels.

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Ford Focus ST

2015 Ford Focus ST Engine

It is a front wheel drive, which has the 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine (turbocharged) that has been Ford’s standard for the past few models. It boasts 252 horsepower and torque of 270 lb-ft. Thanks to its 6-speed manual transmission, within 6 seconds, the engine can propel the car to reach 60 mph. Its mpg as calculated by EPA stands at 23 on city roads and 32 on highways. Safety feature is a strong attribute of this model. There are daytime running lights, two front and two rear side airbags, headlights that turn on sensing dusk, seat anchors for children and so on.

Pricing and Date of Release of 2015 Ford Focus ST

Scheduled to be released in the early months of 2015, the vehicle will be priced around $25,195.

All in all, the car is not a show off. It is a nice vehicle, which offers comfortable driving experience. 2015 Ford Focus ST is the car in which you can take your family for outings as well as drop your kids to school every morning.

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