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2015 Hummer H4 – Brief Introduction

The 2015 Hummer H4 when compared to the earlier version that is the H3 is slightly less shorter in its height. With the increased rate in suspension that is up to 75 % this new version is expected to create high demand in the market.

2015 Hummer H4

Exterior and Interior Details of the 2015 Hummer H4

Muscular, solid and strong would be the  right words to explain the exterior looks of this handsome car. The top and the middle sections of the car can be removed that is something like flares bumper and entry ways. This car is also designed to be used on rough terrain, that is because the front line of this car has the electric tow winch meshes. This tough looking car is said to have an excellent all wheel drive option. The customers are given few choices for the shade of exterior color to be chosen according to their preferences. The bumper and headlight design has been changed and the bumper will be given the masculine and aggressive look.

2015 Hummer H4 Interior

The interior of the car is designed by giving extreme comfort top priority. Especially when you will be driving through rough roads, the design is ensured not to cause any discomfort to the travelers. Enjoying adventure with the specially designed features in this car would be very easy. This car is designed with 4 seats and has a combination of entertainment features and science fiction. Usage of aluminium is done in some parts of interior designing in this vehicle. For entertainment section the advanced technologies such as stereo speakers, MP3 players, LCD screen and USB are used.

Engine and Mileage Details of 2015 Hummer H4

2015 Hummer H4

The engine is also different from this version of the Hummer. Then all the previous generation engine this engine has increased suspension of 75%. This engine will have the spring two crawl of 2.5 inches along with suspension that will have fox racing coil on it and also has the stun absorbers that will be present at the front and rear. This engine has V6 3.6 Lt and Cadiilliac Cts.  Mileage is said to be slighter lesser than the earlier model.

Price and Release Dates

The price is not revealed by its producers, but it will be hitting the showrooms by mid or end of 2015.

This Hummer is an awesome muscular, strong SUV, which has back wheel drive present on the suspension. If you are someone who goes often for off road rides and loves an adventurous trip with family, then 2015 Hummer H4 is the right vehicle for you.

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