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2015 Lamborghini Urus – Price and Release Date

The 2015 Lamborghini Urus is another outside-the-box performance utility car that has been conceptualized in current years. The Lamborghini Urus runs on clean, honest-to-goodness gasoline, but there might be some hybridization that play into the mix.

2015 Lamborghini Urus

Exterior and Interior

The Lamborghini Urus has been constructed a new front frame with a new set of LED lights. Its headlights are have a straight characteristic plus a hexagonal shape. Yet again, there are cameras on its side mirror and new fog lights underneath the air ingestion space. This 2015 Urus is somehow akin to the Volkswagen MLB platform since both cars have two doors. Its exterior is constructed ​​of cast aluminum as well as steel and a new carbon fiber, all of which are high resistance material. Similarly, this newest model would be much lighter than its precursor. Its dimensions comprise; length about 192.9 inch, breadth just about 78.3 inch plus height regarding 65.4 inch.

2015 - Lamborghini Urus Interior

The interior of Lamborghini Urus is equipped with room that could comfortably house four passengers. Just like its exterior, its interior is prepared of carbon fiber; however it seems to be of low excellence as compare to the one in its exterior. The interior surface is leather coated counting the exceptionally comfy leather seats which are as well made from carbon fiber. Its front console has two touch screens that have an upgrade amusement system.

Rear View of 2015 Lamborghini - Urus

Engine and Mileage Details

The Lamborghini Urus is a four wheel drive auto. Its engine is a 5.2-liter V10 turbo engine that has been combining with the 8-speed regular transmission. The engine’s manufacture is estimated to be 584 hp. In adding up, the engine is able of accelerating to cover a pace of about 205 mph (330 km/h). To speed up from 0 to 62 mph, one shall use concerning 7.8 seconds. Without a hesitation, this car shall be the slightest polluting of all model of that class.

Lamborghini Urus Engine - 2015

Price and Release Date

The Lamborghini Urus is predictable to come with a heavy price tag of about $200,000. Because of the high price, Lamborghini is taking time to release this model to provide its potential clientele more time to save cash. Consistent with sources, we must expect the Lamborghini Urus by the year 2017.

2015 Lamborghini Urus would be the first Lamborghini to be made specifically for everyday use, unlike previously while it was made just for the track or else for the occasional weekend trip.

2015 Lamborghini Urus – Video

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