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2015 Lexus IS – Quick Look Into What’s in Store

The 2015 Lexus IS was updated from its initial design just recently. But the buyers can look forward for more updated and improvised version of the same in the coming days. Killer in looks both in exterior and interiors. This handsomely updated vehicle is mostly available with its attractive interiors which would be black in color.

Stylish  2015 Lexus IS

Exterior and Interior Features of 2015 Lexus IS

The interiors and exteriors of this car are designed to ensure you an enjoyable ride in both valet lanes and also through the canyons. When you take a look at the interiors you would notice there is no great difference when compared to the 2014 version. But the  materials used in the interiors are definitely better but what really looks stunning are the design used. With the dashboard in tiered color and a wide center squat console,  the interiors reflect aristocratic looks of cars that would actually cost double or triple the price of this vehicle.

2015 Lexus IS Interior

With the exterior looks of this vehicle, the area surrounding front end you would notice an expressive and angular curve along with graceful and lean curves present in the rears and the sides. With the dynamic stance, spindle grill that looks aggressive and sharp curves this vehicle carries fresh look.  A seven inch center screen, VGA, audio system with 8 speakers along with HD and CD facility, automotive climate control facilities, voice recognition technique,  phone and Bluetooth connectivity and many other such superb features are also available.

2015 Lexus IS Exterior

Engine And Mileage Specification of 2015 Lexus IS

The engine of the this vehicle is V-6 rated, 2.5 lt, 204 horsepower V-6 rated and while you drive It on highways fetching 30 mph is normal. When you compare them with vehicles of similar engine this particular vehicle have owned excellent EPA ratings. While driving around the city the maximum mileage you touch would be 21 mpg. As per EPA 24 mpg is the rating in combined. But with the option of drive on all wheel the mph of IS 250 drops down to 20/23/27 on city/combined/highway.

2015 Lexus IS Engine

Pricing And Release Date

The market price for this vehicle is $37,560.  This will be globally launched around June in whistler BC Canada.

This vehicle has edgy styling that truly stands out. It also has turbo models and hybrid in the mix which strikes a difference from the other similar models of 2015 Lexus IS.

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