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2015 Mercedes Maybach S600

2015 Mercedes Maybach S600 is an expensive luxury car coming with new effectiveness and quality. This car is expected to be environmentally friendly and warm. This German automaker is releasing this luxurious version of the S-class as a separate brand.

2015 - Mercedes Maybach S600

2015 Mercedes Maybach S600 Exterior and Interior

Outside the car does not show much difference. Attention is drawn towards its slightly enlarged grille, wheel design, appropriate labels and the rear doors modified design, while the triangular rear sides Windows are moved to the rear rack. The 2015 Mercedes Maybach S600 overall length of is grown by 200 mm to 5454 and the wheelbase is 3365 mm. The base shows increase so that there is increase the space for rear passenger’s feet.

2015 - Mercedes Maybach S600 Interior

The interior does not show significant changes in the drivers place.  This class has two separate armchairs representing complete luxury and is equipped with massage function. The advantage is that you can relax completely as the backrest deflects up to 43.5 degrees. Adding to this, folding tables are provided for the second row passengers, besides individual monitors, multimedia systems and climate control. The car may be equipped with two silver handmade bar goblets, but for extra charge.


The windows are designed such that passengers are less visible and offer complete comfort and privacy. This is also the quietest car and the engineers have ensured to enhance the acoustic level of comfort. You can see high-tech mechanisms in belts and the drive is smooth and safe. The door is in rectangle shape offering convenience of getting in and out of the car. It has amenities such as hand crafted champagne flutes, IWC clocks and the interior offers generous leg room.

2015 Mercedes Maybach S600 Engine and Mileage

Under the hood it has a 6.0-litre V12 twin-turbo power delivering 530 HP (830 Nm) and 7-band automatic gearbox will be delivered based on order. There is rear wheel drive and the maximum speed is 250 km/hr. The acceleration is 5.0 seconds up to the first hundred and the fuel consumption is 11.7 liters in the mixed driving mode.

2015 Mercedes - Maybach S600 Engine

Price and Release Date

Pricing is not announced, but you can expect the price to be around $166, 900(USD). 2015 Mercedes Maybach S600 will begin to release in summer 2015. This is not the exact release date, but is based on the peer reviews and rumors.

The interiors are extremely luxurious, but have a solid refined form on the exterior door looks, thereby presenting a chic profile body. You can enjoy the unrivaled comfort and sophistication throughout the 2015 Mercedes Maybach S600.

2015 Mercedes – Maybach S600 – Video

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