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2015 Toyota Camry – Enjoy The Most Conspicuous Automobile

2015 Toyota Camry is for very confident and bold people. This is the latest sedan version.  It striking hood lines commands attention and offers a visual update with its status quo maintained. Camry of Toyota is a win-win situation for people considering affordable daily driver.


2015 Toyota Camry

Exterior and Interior Features of 2015 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry has brought a startling change in its styling featuring a splash of chrome, angular headlights and wide grille. Toyota claims having chrome trim on its window frames, LED fog headlights and lamps, and the Camry’s personality is highlighted with a chrome bar featured across the rear deck lid. Aiming to hone the 2015 Toyota Camry, the new trim level is the Camry XSE with responsive suspension, aggressive shock and springs. It gives an aggressive look and the 18-inch rubber and rims offer a sporty path, while the XLE edition is a cushier edition. It also features blind spot monitoring, traffic alert at rear crossing, lane warning and collision warning.


2015 Toyota Camry Interior

Underneath Toyota Camry flashy new skin, it has several changes to improve stability even through the corners. The suspension design is the same, but steering is reconfigures to offer better electric power and integration to assist system. It offers a premium riding experience inside the cabin. Toyota Camry, the new 2015 version boasts of higher degree soft-touch materials in the passenger compartment offering more usable storage space. The 2015 Camry is quieter. Its improved aerodynamics restricts noise and features a 4.2 inch LCD screen. It ensures offering enhanced protection for passengers.


2015 Toyota Camry Exterior

Engine and Mileage Specifications of 2015 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry base models feature 178 hp, four-cylinder mill 2.5 liter and 170 lb ft torque. People seeking thrill can consider Camry Optional 3.5 ltr, V-6 as it provides 268 hp and torque of 248 lb ft. Each engine has automatic transmission of six-speed and there is no traditional manual gearbox.


2015 Toyota Camry Engine

The Toyota Camry is EPA estimated fuel economy and boasts of efficiency. The 2015 Camry model offers good fuel mileage.  The new Camry Hybrid features four-cylinder engine 2.5 ltr   with single electric motor. It offers fuel mileage as 43 mpg in stop and 39 mpg on highway.

Pricing and Release Date

The Camry price ranges in $22,970 to $31,370 and is anticipated to go on sale from this fall.

2015 Toyota Camry is a high tech gear and is an innovative mid-size sedan. It offers more appeal and is good news as a four-door car for families.

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