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2016 Audi R10

British and German media, in late 2012 as well as again during 2013, has written that Audi plans for the 2016 model year to release a new supercar 2016 Audi R10. It must be a road version of the LeMans race car. Some rumor, during the last year, said that new supercar R10 concept version must have its premiere at Motor Show in Frankfurt.

2016 Audi R10

Exterior and Interior

New 2016 Audi R10 is going to be somewhat bigger than the Audi R8, base on the current announcement. Design motivation for the R10 would be featured by LeMans race car. The Smaller mass of the new Audi R10 would be achieved with the use of aluminum as well as carbon fiber in its building.

Audi R10 2016 Interior

This new sports car would be a two-seater fierce that would have a centrally-positioned engine as well as an ideal V8 powertrain. The car would as well come with two turbochargers, advanced aerodynamic property as well as all-four-wheel-drive. unluckily, this is the mere information that is out regarding the car’s interior as well as exterior. What is left for Audi car lover now is just to wait and see what the astonishing car has in store for them?

Engine and Mileage Specs

Audi R10 2016 Engine

First, declare was that new Audi R10 will be powered by a diesel-hybrid drivetrain. This should be merged with the V6 diesel engine with 600 horsepower as well as an electric motor with 100 horsepower. However, now it seems that new Audi R10 under the hood will have a 6.0-liter V10 twin-turbo engine. This engine must be capable of producing 850 hp / 625 kW as well as it will aspect a cylinder deactivation scheme.

Price and Release Date of 2016 Audi R10

According to trusted speculation, this new model is anticipated to be launched in June 2015. The new Audi R10 2016 is not recognized yet, but rumor has it that it would range from $120,000 to $160,000 depending upon where and how soon a person would buy it.

Audi R10 2016 Rear View

As said by Audi concept, the new athletic car will arrive with the great new aspect that will startle luxurious car lovers. For this reason, numerous people have already started to wonder about the car’s feature. 2016 Audi R10 is one of the new as well as classic cars people must watch out for when in search of a new luxurious in addition to an outstanding car to buy.

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