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2016 Bentley Falcon – A Right Choice Of Car To Go Anywhere

2016 Bentley Falcon is a long anticipated automobile. This is a luxury SUV and will have unique luxury-aimed concept. The new concepts in this premium car come with latest generation changes.

2016 Bentley Falcon

Exterior and Interior of 2016 Bentley Falcon

The luxurious specifics are accompanied by expensive exterior and 5-star interior. There is the VIP class taste and is a suitable SUV for the U.S market. This forthcoming auto has luxurious exterior concept with awesome interior that it is certain to be known the best. The exterior is posh and is influenced with concepts. The entire exterior offers the strong impression of top class luxury and expensiveness. The front part of the automobile is a powerful rectangular grille and tasteful round headlights. The headlights are perfect and beneath it is a couple of fog lights associated with powerful lighting system. Rear view camera and assistance for parking are the latest inserted technology. It also has keyless ignition technology. Its an amazing vehicle.

2016 Bentley Falcon Interior

The interior design is the best. They provide a very strong precaution and in association has some special things. It has interesting options and features to perform powerful actions. The dashboard has the well known features and the interior cabin has several advanced features. The interior will come in three row seats and is sure to expand the fan base. It is a luxury car and is certain to be the most luxurious. The premium class interior features traditional Bentley wood, metal and leather. The expected advanced electronic technology features is available on the new instrument cluster. The interior design has extra luxury brands with modern accessories that driving time is saved and the passengers and the driver feel comfortable. It offers high protection as well.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Bentley Falcon

2016 Bentley Falcon Engine

It is coming equipped with distinct engines, a double turbo W-12 engine and a 4-liter side-by-side turbo V-8 engine. The first engine system will give 560hp and torque 479 lb ft.  The second engine will give 500 horsepower and torque of 487 lb-ft. Thus new SUV is anticipated to offer “maximum speed” of 250 km/h. It also is expected to take only 2.5 seconds to cross 0-64 mph.

Price and Release Date

This new vehicle is the new SUV to be released in the late 2015. The pricing rumors say it will begin from $271,000.

2016 Bentley Falcon is the next generation version of the MLB platform. The specification tells that this belongs to the modern technology fast car.

Video: Exotic and Luxurious 2016 Bentley Falcon

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