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2016 Dodge Dart Srt- Qucik Look Into What’s In Store

The 2016 Dodge Dart Srt is said to be one of the high performance promising vehicles. The debut of this car is said to be one of the main highlights of future products of the dodge portfolio. It will be an all wheel drive and turbo-charged model.

2016 Dodge Dart Srt

Exterior and Interiors Features of 2016 Dodge Dart Srt

This vehicle will have a well advanced system of all wheel drive, suspensions that are sport tuned, exterior components that will be unique and aerodynamics that are much advanced. It will also have the manual transmissions. It is said that this car will be a dart’s sportier version. Hence it will also have lots of visual upgraded features such as a pair of bumpers that looks aggressive, an apron intake that also looks larger, hood scoop and the rear diffuser. This car will look different from the earlier versions by its meaner appearances.

2016 Dodge Dart Srt Interior

Other features like manner functional vents and scoops, deck spoiler at the rear, dampers, stiffer springs upgraded rubber and larger wheels will also be adapted.The interior of this vehicle is said to have included the stiffer suspension that is performance tuned and also driving modes with additional improvised options. The interiors are designed to add more space to the comfort of passengers. For the interiors of this car to look appealing it is said that more visual additions of various types have been included. There also have been high improvements in the designs of seats and materials used on them.

2016 Dodge Dart Srt Exterior

Engine and Mileage Specification for 2016 Dodge Dart Srt

The engine of this handsome car is said to be the turbocharged 2.0 lt brand new machines. This engine also includes 4 cylinder inline.  Since the engine is turbo charged it is presumed be tiger shark types. As this vehicle has the improvised all wheel drive feature the preliminary reports say that it has 260 HP. The fuel efficiency will be just as same as dodge dart GT.  Few information also reveals that this vehicle will also have a manual transmission at the torque of 300 lbs.

2016 Dodge Dart Srt Engine

Pricing and Release Date

This most awaited model of dodge is said to be scheduled to be launched towards the end of 2016. You could own this brilliant car at the price of $ 30000 that is applicable for the base model.

After certain special specifications have been delivered by dodge this vehicle has been considered as the much awaited automobile of the year 2016. This model will be produced with the use of lightweight materials so that it can keep up to the gene of racing DNA. So if you’re a sports car lover then 2016 Dodge Dart Srt is definitely all yours.

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