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2016 Ferrari FF Coupe – Mix Of Contemporary Design And Praiseworthy Comfort


2016 Ferrari FF Coupe is the redesigned avatar of Ferrari FF better known as the car having a clown shoe shape. This change in design and launch of the version is triggered by the fact that some Ferrari lovers balked at the lack of traditional features in the previous version. The coupe competes with Bentley Continental GT, Rolls Royce Wraith and Aston Martin Vanquish.

2016 Ferrari FF Coupe

Exterior and Interior

It is a 2 + 2 seater with an amazing body. Though it is based on the same concept as the FF, the coupe has a sloping roofline, and modified side air vents and front fascia. Other features are similar to its predecessor – an aerodynamic body, the prancing horse badges fixed strategically, and classy styling. The lines have been very well sculpted that as per the company will not be easily forgotten. You cannot mistake its subtle show of power, compactness and well-rounded forms when you glance at it.

2016 Ferrari FF Coupe Interior

The interior boasts modern elegance and profound comfort. The prancing horse is seen on the high-quality leather seats. The body hugging seats are very comfortable for all the four passengers. There are no rear seats. All the four passengers can have access to the onboard equipment.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe

2016 Ferrari FF Coupe Engine

Under the hood, you will find a 48-valve 6.3 liter V12 motor system. It will be able to generate 660-700 horsepower @ 8000 rpm and torque of 504 lb.-ft. @ 6000 rpm. Along with an 8-speed unit, it will have 7-speed automated transmission with dual clutch. This car has an all-wheel drive and will have an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. Maximum speed that it can reach is 208 mph.

The car is expected to be very good in fuel-saving. Mileage given by this car is not yet available.

Price and Release Date

The price of this vehicle is quite high. However, given its marvelous look and strong engine, it is worth it. It will cost around $300000. Its release date in the US market is not yet announced. But the coupe is likely to make its debut in late 2015.

This wonderful car is definitely going to be a head-turner. It has a powerful engine that boasts 12 cylinders and a very magnificent interior. The exterior design of the coupe will certainly impress the customers, who were not very happy with the previous FF model. The cost of 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe will be around $300000 which is not yet confirmed.

2016 Ferrari FF Coupe 4WD

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