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2016 Honda HR-V: A Cursory Glance At Features

The new 2016 Honda HR-V will be making waves due to its monstrously powerful engine. Lying on the same foundations as the Honda Fit platform, it will stand apart because of its cool sporty looks and unparalleled stylish finish.

2016 Honda HR-V

Exterior/interior of 2016 Honda HR-V

Excellent outer appearance is expected in this car. A glance over its exterior presents a coupe like structure. The door handles of the vehicle are away from the view. The side windows of up-swept kind lends a distinctiveness. It has been envisioned to have a body structure in accordance with advanced compatibility engineer II. This aspect will make the car very safe for the passengers as well as the driver. In case of any collision, the crash energy will be easily dispersed and the resulting impact will be reduced remarkably.

2016 Honda HR-V Interior

You will be thrilled to see the interior of this car. The highly elite look is visible all over. The chrome accents have been offset by sophisticated looking material while the piano back will make the ambience all the more exciting. A magic seat in the rear will enhance the value of this car.

2016 Honda HR-V Exterior

The interior will be very spacious and for creating more room, the rear seat can be folded easily. If you need more floor space in the rear passenger compartment for placing items with height, just turn up the rear seat cushion. For making space for long items, you will only have to adjust the rear passenger seat on the right and the front passenger seat.

Engine and mileage given by 2016 Honda HR-V

2016 Honda HR-V Engine

The model will be endowed with a 1.8L SOHC engine with 4 16-valve cylinders. It will be strong enough to produce torque of 127 lb-ft at 4300 rpm and at 6500 rpm, it will produce 138 hp. As a standard, front wheel driving and manual transmission of 6 speeds will be provided. As options, continually adjustable manual transmission and all-wheel driving possibility will be there. Greater control over access and power delivery by the engine will be achieved through the adjustable transmission, as paddle shifters will be provided.

33 mpg of mileage can be expected from this vehicle.

Price and release date

2016 Honda HR-V

This amazing car will cost around $ 35,000 – $36,000. It will be launched in the beginning of 2015.

Be ready to enjoy high performance and advanced navigation system in this car. Powerful engine coupled with very comfortable seating space with leather upholstery makes it an asset. 2016 Honda HR-V is being eagerly awaited by the car enthusiasts.

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