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2016 Lotus Elise

2016 Lotus Elise would be made a next generation vehicle with two back wheel drive layout. Remarkable item of this facelift is that this time the auto will be updated with a new framework. This chassis is made up of diverse material which is lighter, so far stronger. Hence, curb weight would be reduced as well as now power output would be enhanced without upgrade engines. This is since the engine requirements to do less work to carry the load as well as can provide additional energy on performance.

Lotus Elise 2016 -

Exterior and Interior

2016 Lotus Elise has a actually attractive look and features a ton to provide to its owner.big crammed honeycomb grille is construct into the lower half inside the diversity of the inverted U.On every side is in addition one triangular air gap. The front and back bumper area unit in body color as well as tremendously with efficiency included into the body, that has 2 doors. Headlights area unit very slender and sharp though give incredible lighting. The back of the automobile is enormous and wider than the front.back window is smaller and somewhat below may be a huge grille for air intake as well as cooling.

Lotus Elise 2016 - Interior

 The center framework is very exceptional though at the same time easy. It’s legally made and additionally agreeably arranged. The real log lodge has a luminous Alpine sound framework next to four amplifiers, COMPACT Disk member, satellite TV stereo, etc. Home windows as well as in addition brightening mirror have a propensity to be attuned in electronic association as the control offers 3 hands as well as also necessary insider facts. Other rigging might be changed one specific car.

Engine and Mileage Specs

Lotus Elise 2016 - Top View

As far as engine specification is apprehensive, 2016 Elise has got a 2.0 liter engine with 16 valve and it is a four cylinder engine. This engine has as well got DOHC technology. The engine could produce a power of regarding 316 HP with a torque of 243 lb-ft. Speed broadcast of this auto is six in numbers as well as it controlled physically.

Price and Release Date of 2016 Lotus Elise

2016 Lotus Elise is supposed to hit the marketplace by the end of this year or else the beginning of next year. This auto has been fixed with a cost of $50000 for the base version.

Lotus Elise 2016 - Rear View

It has been polished with sportier and more innovative concept and detail. It has been improved with several improvements. If you take a stare closer at the Lotus Elise concept design, you would see both the interior and exterior design is splendid and perfect.

Next-Gen Vehicle: Lotus Elise 2016: Video

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