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2016 Mercedes DTM C-Class

Mercedes-AMG is anticipated to unleash a new generation of 2016 Mercedes DTM C-Class race cars for the 2016 season. The new race car will be in the Tourenwagen Masters touring car popular Deutsche series. The C63 coupe will be the new generation coming next year early and the AMG GT3 for FIA GT3 racing and AMG DTM in the German car touring series.

2016 Mercedes DTM C-Class

2016 Mercedes DTM C-Class Cars: Powerful Turbo

The first sketch of Mercedes C63 Coupe is based on 503 horsepower but is wider, lower and meaner. Of course, the DTM car will receive a different motor and will adhere to regulations prohibiting turbocharging. It may come fitted with a 4.0 liter, V8 featuring 90-degree angle producing 500 hp.

2016 Mercedes DTM C-Class

Mercedes has made it mark since 2000 by winning in DTM six Drivers Championships and nine constructors’ championships, but could not make it through for a trophy home since 2010. Now with six races in this season to go, it is six points behind the leader and has a second place in the team.

2016 Mercedes DTM C-Class Cars: Race Cars

The first outline of Mercedes-AMG DTM of 2016 race car is to continue the success story of Mercedes Benz. The DTM of 2016 is expected to be deployed by the Mercedes team to have a successful car in the history of STM the AMG Mercedes C-Class.

2016 Mercedes DTM C-Class

The AMG C63 of Mercedes new will again set new driving dynamics standards and new design. There are been many innovations done already this year in the DTM. The touring car series will be appearing with a new race format. This touring car series with a new format began at Hockenheim as the season opener and was received well by fans. More than 341,000 spectators watched the weekend’s first five race of the year at the track, and 123,000 spectators came over the weekend to watch the Mercedes AMG DTM team.

2016 Mercedes DTM C-Class Cars Uses Latest and Finest Technology

DTM represents Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters is essentially the NASCAR, the Germany’s version featuring turns that go left and right, and presents a technology that is much higher level.  With the beginning of the new season in 2016, a new Mercedes racer can be seen on the grid.

2016 Mercedes DTM C-Class

The DTM car will have nothing much in common in the Mercedes DTM C-Class Cars. The DTM rules as in NASCAR require cars to be the same, irrespective of the manufacturer. So, even with Mercedes AMG C63 badging, it will be identical to Audi and BMW, its rival cars.


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