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2017 Mazda RX7 Concept

2017 Mazda RX7 Concept car will have the sleekness and power of a sports car. Nowadays, it has become a great topic of discussion among the Mazda fans because of its innovative engine. In fact, the automaker has revealed that it will surprise people with a never-before drivetrain. In short, the 2017 RX7 will arrive to shock everyone.

Mazda RX7 Concept 2017

Exterior and interior details

When a car is manufactured by Mazda, it is not simply a machine but much more. The carmaker makes great efforts in making sure that its vehicles look classy. The Mazda RX7 will not be any different either. It will be created following the Mazda’s Kodo Design of Language. Hence, it is confirmed that the vehicle will be aesthetically pleasing. Early reports suggest that the Mazda will have sharp accent lines, which will give it a dynamic appearance. Moreover, being a sports car, there will be a plenty of aerodynamic features, which will propel the 2017 Mazda RX7 Concept into running at high speeds without losing its balance. Moreover, the engineers are inventing new car parts, which will keep the weight of RX7 as low as possible.

Mazda RX7 Concept 2017 Interior

The automaker has not yet revealed much regarding the interior setting of the 2017 Mazda RX7 Concept. The only confirmed news is that it will be a two-seater. As per rumors, the seats will be bucket seats for uncompromising comfort while driving.

Engine and Mileage Specs

Mazda RX7 Concept 2017 Engine

As per official reports, the automaker will fit in rotary engine called the Mazda Wankel Engine. Rotary engines have already proven their worth in other models. They have neither pistons nor many parts. In shorts, the engines are cost effective and do not break down easily. However, the rotary engines are known to be bad in fuel efficiency. Due to it, this time, the Wankel engine will be equipped with a turbocharger. The RX7 is expected to give 300hp as of now. However, by the time the car is released, it may offer increased horsepower.

Price and release date of 2017 Mazda RX7 Concept

The basic model should be priced around $30,000 and it should reach the showrooms in 2017.

Mazda RX7 Concept 2017 Rear View

It will be a sports car accommodating 2 people. The looks of the car will be the head turner for sure. It will also be lightweight and thus, will pick up speed faster than other models in its group. Nevertheless, no one yet knows how much economical the Mazda RX7 Concept car will be as the automaker still has not revealed its level of fuel efficiency.

Next-Gen Sports Car: Mazda RX7 2017: Video

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