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2017 Volvo Concept 26 Autonomous Car

LA Auto show revealed the future of the autonomous car, the new 2017 Volvo Concept 26. The majority of the future concept cars have been continuously putting efforts to showcase their next generation innovative technology and designs. The new Volvo Concept 26 was a bit of surprise for car lovers worldwide with its innovative technology to create an autonomous car which would be self-driving. New Concept 26 will have tough competition from the tech giants Apple and Google, who will also be releasing their autonomous cars by 2017.

2017 Volvo Concept 26

Exterior and interior details

The new Volvo Concept 26 has focused on the interior of the car instead of external features. The designers have focused on the requirements of drivers who wish to let the car self-driven with all the comfort and safety. Concept 26 is an autonomously driven mode for the rest of the time apart from the driver’s availability. The interiors and the seats furnishing are re-aligned for the situation when the driver wish to take control of the car. The new Volvo concept 26 embraces all the needs which are required for any minor or radical change of the basic design of the interiors of the car, providing a wide space at the drivers or passenger seat. The car has an extra leg room space for driver passenger similar to facility available in planes. In the praise of the front section of the 2017  Volvo concept 26, the manufacturer’s quotes that this model gives the glimpse of the future models of Golf GT in the future.

2017 Volvo Concept 26

The interior of the cars has a tri-modes seat along with the new Volvo’s concept 26 2017 can be set into three different modes- Normal mode, Sports mode, and Eco mode.

Engine and Mileage Range of 2017 Volvo Concept 26

2017 Volvo Concept 26

With three modes the car has set all new benchmark for upcoming autonomous driving vehicles that have capabilities of adapting the latest technologies and innovative ideas for the design. In GTE Mode, the drive power of the car is equally distributed in both the axels. In the sporty GTE mode, all the three motors work together which allows all-wheel drive. The drive mode is similar to the standard cabin of the car, but in comparison to other modes, the steering of the car retracts into the dashboard.

Price and Release Date of 2017 Volvo Concept 26

2017 Volvo Concept 26

The car is manufactured by one of the major Swedish Automobile car makers. Volvo is planning to implement this technology in the near manufacturing models and aiming to make it as safer as a manually driven car with its three modes Drive, Create and Relax. Moreover, the 2017 Volvo concept 26 is expected to be launched by the year 2017. There is no confirmation of the price for this autonomous car, but it is expected to be in the range of $35,000 to $50,000.

Complete Autonomous Car: Volvo Concept 26 2017: Video

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