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2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept

The new 2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept has been one of Apple fan many wet dreams but Apple do not appear to be making much progress. The iCar concept has been about for years as well as now Apple Fan Site take a look at whether this idea might be a hit for Apple or else a fail.

2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept

 Exterior and Interior

Italian car designer Liviu Tudoran was enthused by Apple and designed the iMove concept auto for the year 2020. Counting a touchscreen interface as well as a futuristic exterior design mimic the Apple Magic Mouse, this new 2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept would allow drivers to customize it.

2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept - Side View

The list is approximately endless with most of the by now available technology that Apple has at its fingertip going into the new iCar concept design. One attractive iCar concept technology that might easily be incorporated into the car is Touch ID which might be placed onto the handle of the iCar and would let you in out of the car fully.

Several of the other features might include, Siri onboard PC, voice activate engine start, video calling from a car that’s parked, the capability to get and send iMessage’s from the auto, optional front as well as rear facing camera for driver support, assisted braking with steering, and even the capability to have Siri drive the automobile for you with driver-less help.

 Engine and Mileage of 2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept

2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept - Rear View

It is a zero-emission vehicle that would be propelled by electric motor, and it would feature some of the most excellent gadgetry that we have ever seen in a car. This small town car is powered by electricity and would be able to seat three passengers in a diversity of configurations.

Release date and Price of 2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept

Considering all that, a 2020 initiate date for the Apple car might sound surprising however is actually quite reasonable.

2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept

It will be extremely exhilarating to see the expertise that Apple has brought to the mobile and PC world with their revolutionary design and instinctive software being adapted to the auto manufacturing world. It is undeniable that the new ideas that Apple is considering on introduce are going to alter the driving experience, similar to the autopilot, which would make the 2020 Apple iMove Electric Car Concept totally independent.

Source: Digital Trends

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