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Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas Concept

Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas Concept is full of dynamism. It is the successor of Emirai 2 xDAS, which was revealed in 2013. At the Tokyo Motor Show, the car received many admiring looks because of its innovative design and sophisticated interior. Mitsubishi has used new technology to make the car extremely driver friendly.

Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas -

Exterior and interior details of Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas Concept

Emirai 3 is certainly for the future. Its appearance looks as if it would zoom into action anytime. The exterior designing has been done keeping in perspective the need to make the car speed friendly. Its low-slung design hides all the car machinery inside and gives it a futuristic look. The hood is long and the windshield is very small. The wheels are big for its size and they sport illuminated rims.

Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas - Interior

The real action is inside. The seats are bolstered for maximum comfort. The dashboard is equipped with LCD screens for showing road conditions and other important information. Apart from reacting from touch, they also respond to gestures. It will certainly help the driver keep his focus on the road ahead. The Emirai 3 xDAS has a plenty of automatic sensors assisting the driver to save time. A sensor can discern unclear road ahead and then, automatically show the driver alternative directions from which he could choose. From the cabin of the car, the driver could carry out a variety of operations. For instance, he would be able to preheat the oven at home. The concept sounds too far-fetched but Mitsubishi is seriously working towards making it a reality.

Engine information of Mitsubishi Emirai 3

Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas

Emirai 3 xDAS will have an electric drivetrain. Meaning, the car will be green and you could drive it around without any guilt. Just as other cars like Nissan Leaf, the battery of Emirai 3 xDAS is also expected to be a bunch of cells. In the case of any damage to a cell, rather than replacing the entire battery, the driver needs to replace the damaged only cells. Furthermore, if the battery is placed in the center and close to the ground, Emirai 3 xDAS will have a low center of gravity. For the driver, it means that he will be able to accelerate the car effortlessly.

Price and release date of Mitsubishi Emirai 3

Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas - Rear View

This wonder car has been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. However, its price and release date have not yet been revealed.

Futuristic: Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas: Video

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