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2015 BMW M340i M – A Fresh Look Into It

If you love the stylish outlook of BMW cars, then you will not hate BMW M340i M, which is the smaller version of M3. The vehicle is not expected to stir up any new storm, as it will have the aura of M3. Nevertheless, if you could not buy M3 or would love to see something close to it, then this car is a good option.

2015 BMW M340i M

Exterior and interior of BMW M340i M

The sporty look of the vehicle will be maintained keeping it in line with the M-series. However, the look will not be typically sporty, as experts believe that BMW will go softer with it. A couple of aggressive features may be there in the form of stretched wheels that will give the vehicle a lowered stance. Moreover, the bumpers as well as the side skirts are more likely to have a muscular look. A great number of exterior details could be similar to the 3 Series, which will be launched at the same time as this model.

2015 BMW M340i M Interior

The interior of the vehicle are expected to be comfortable with well-rounded seats. There should also be a fair amount of M badges on the upholstery and other areas. You will like the setting if you love BMW. The feel of the interior should be cozy with a little presence of metal.

Engine and Mileage

There will be no innovation as far as the engine is concerned. The car is most likely going to be equipped with N55 turbocharged straight 6 engine. It has been BMW’s standard engine in most of its models.

2015 BMW M340i M Engine

However, there are rumours that in this model N55 will be advanced delivering more mileage and giving more freedom to the driver to maneuver the machine stylishly. It is expected to generate 350 horsepower because of the newly fitted exhaust system or the enhanced pressure. It will have six-speed manual and the celebrated ZF 8HP, which promises increased fuel efficiency.

As per speculations, the vehicle may also be available in an xDrive variation, where all the 4 wheels will be powered. Its mileage is not yet confirmed but experts believe that it will deliver close to what Mercedes Benz C450 will offers.

Release Date and Price of  BMW M340i M

You should see the car in your nearest showroom no later than the middle of 2015. According to most, this vehicle will be priced around $45,750.

Until BMW reveals the first look of the vehicle, it is speculated that the car will retain the German manufacturer’s great styling sense. A good buy if you cannot possess the M3. Surely, you will have more reasons to love BMW M340i M when it comes out in 2015.

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