2015 Ferrari GTO

2015 Ferrari GTO, the awesome sports car that catches every eye and reaches the expectations of the car lovers. Technological upgrades are clearly seen in the vehicle turning much waited facelift. A few specific add-ons made this version a loveable and prime design is the core of the vehicle. As a part of supercar program, this model reaches the enthusiasts. Excelling in matching the technical specifications of the modern customers made it possible to twinkle on the roads.

2015 - Ferrari GTO FI

Exterior and Interior of 2015 Ferrari GTO

2015 Ferrari GTO is the sports car leaving a signature of excellence and the body work is done by aluminum that projects its sharp features like low nose, belly pan, tiny radiator inlet etc. The exterior is manufactured with highest care to compete with the hybrid supercars. HID headlights give a new look that are situated under the grille. Hood is revised and projects a remarkable difference from the earlier versions. The rear wing is fantastic with creative back trunk. Finest external features make this model distinct.

2015 - Ferrari GTO Interior

2015 – Ferrari GTO Interior

Interior of 2015 Ferrari GTO is impressive as it joined the club of supercars though basically is a sports car at its prime design. GTO’s racing intensions are emphasized along the basic design. Five speed unit gearbox which leads the car with new technology. Rear live axle, new design and exquisite stitching of the seats keep this car away from the other versions. The evocative fans of GTO series love the orange seat covers that add difference to the interior styling. GPS navigation unit, all new dashboard design complements the beauty of the Ferrari.

Engine and Mileage

2015 - Ferrari GTO Top View

2015 – Ferrari GTO Top View

The 426 horsepower engine of V8 6.2 ltr is feasible to drive GTO car with a high speed. The mechanical aspects such as engine and chassis are conservative in its first outcome. The engine is all alloy design using the Weber Carburetors containing six 38 DCN. 2015 Ferrari GTO wins audience concentration and they love to own it too. Racing cars are not much into high mileage and fuel economy. Ferrari, the brand of sports car is finest in running on the roads.

Price  and Release Date of 2015 Ferrari GTO

The price of GTO Ferrari ranges from $25,000 to $60,000 and is world’s fabulous as well as richest car. The release is the first half of 2015 making the enthusiasts happy. Regional races are carried by the cars and used as road cars as well.

Racing cars are fabulous from Ferrari. 2015 Ferrari GTO is an extraordinary car that races well and drives fine.

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