2015 Lamborghini Estoque Engine And Specifications

2015 Lamborghini Estoque is a new sports sedan car that accommodates four passengers. The Estoque car will fulfill driver’s needs with its high quality interior accessories and best engine performance. The sports car offers good and fun driving experience.

2015 Lamborghini Estoque

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of Estoque is quite sporty and stylish. The outer body of the sedan car is made from aluminum and carbon fiber material. It has a V curved shape grille in the front. The sports car is 202.8 inches in length, 78.3 inches in wide and 53.1 inches in height. The sedan car has 22 inches of front wheel and 23 inches of rear wheel with the wheelbase of 118.5 inches. The exhaust system of the car consists of 2 hexagonal tubes.  The exterior features sign turns lamp, fog lamp and headlight with HID technology. You can notice three large vents and new lights that provide better lighting in night time.

2015 Lamborghini Estoque Interior

Inside the Estoque, it has a wider cabin made from premium material. The surfaces of the cabin will be wrapped with nappa leather. The sports sedan car has 4 passenger seats upholstered using premium leather. On the center console, it is has a touch screen with modern navigation system. The higher rear section of the car allows more space for cargo. The Estoque will have an enhanced navigation system and many airbags. It offers plenty of safety features such as immobilizer, traction control, anti lock brake system, security system and panic alarm etc.

Rear View of 2015 Lamborghini Estoque

Engine and Mileage Details

The sports car will be powered by a 5.2 liter V10 engine. The V10 engine has the capacity to produce up to 600 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. The engine will be mated with 7 speed automatic and double clutch transmission. The engine has the potential to sprint up from 0 to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds. The Estoque sedan car can hit the top speed of 190 mph with better fuel efficiency. Probably, the serial model is going to have other engines like V8, V12, turbo diesel or hybrid engine.

2015 Lamborghini Estoque Price and Release Data

The price of Estoque will start from $ 230,000 to $ 300,000. You can expect the sports car for sale in US market in the middle or end of 2015.

The four door sports car will come with powerful engine which produces better output. 2015 Lamborghini Estoque will be perfect choice for sporty drivers who is seeking for sports car with attractive features.

Youtube Video – 2015 Lamborghini Estoque Attractive  Car

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