2015 Lotus Evora 400

Before legendary British manufacturer Lotus has big plans and we would be sure to introduce one of the vehicles in 2015 Lotus Evora 400 that will astonish you at a glance. We will see how the design is concerned as well as what lies under the hood. We will see what the plans are and what is going on with this corporation.

2015 - Lotus Evora 400

2015 – Lotus Evora 400

Exterior and Interior of 2015 Lotus Evora 400

The exterior is not drastically changed, however it does approach with new bumpers, rims and paint scheme that make the 2015 Lotus Evora 400 look edgy plus contemporary. The front end is wider and as well houses LED daytime management lights, while the rear got more chiseled, two additional side vents as well as a redesigned wing.

2015 - Lotus Evora 400 Interior

2015 – Lotus Evora 400 Interior

On the other side, the interior is totally redone, coming with remodeled seats, door cards, central console, dashboard, and a new steering wheel with shortcut buttons. A new infotainment system is as well on the list of change. A new aluminum chassis incorporate a brand new interior and the light weight composite body has altered considerably both front and rear.

We even quite like the natty shade of red leather trim in these official pictures. It still doesn’t look particularly modern, but it no longer seems stuck in the 1990s.

Engine and Mileage

2015 - Lotus Evora 400 Engine

2015 – Lotus Evora 400 Engine

The specified number of 400 indicates the 3.5L V6 engine, which is realized with the help of kompresota, and this is an increase of 16% compared with the most powerful engine to date. As in the past, the customer will be able to obtain the standard Evora with 276 hp, as well as more powerful S model with 345 hp. Toyota V6 engine now provides greater compressor, plus added modifications to a six-speed manual transmission as well as all-new automatic transmission with the similar number of gears. Little changes suffered by the suspension, as well as the driver can regulate the three different modes (Drive, Sport as well as Race).

 Price and Release Date of 2015 Lotus Evora 400

2015 - Lotus Evora 400 Rear View

2015 – Lotus Evora 400 Rear View

2015 Lotus Evora 400 will be on the domestic marketplace to be around 70,000 pounds or 108,000 dollars. Introduction at the Geneva Motor show on 3rd March 2015, the new Lotus Evora 400 would be the latest, pure as well as focused supercar from Lotus, combining high performance with renowned Lotus benchmark handling.

The new Evora 400 got to carry on from where the older model left off while improving both the sportscar’s picture and specs sheet. 2015 Lotus Evora 400 is not an entire new model though, however a very intricate facelift to the unique Evora.

Powerful Performance: Lotus Evora 400 : Video

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