2016 Dodge Wildcat

Review of  Dodge Wildcat 2016

The ultimate and performance muscle car 2016 Dodge Wildcat releasing next year would throw a wild impression on the car lovers. It is a high performance car from Dodge and makes every wish of the audience true. Ultimate comfort, superlative design and impressive interior gives a special weight-age to the vehicle.  The wait would finally come to an end as the launch of this car is in the first half of 2016. It blinks on the roads and the proud owners pick it for the ultimately refreshed design.

2016 - Dodge Wildcat

2016 – Dodge Wildcat

Interior and Exterior Specifications

The next generation 2016 Dodge Wildcat evolves more beautiful than previous versions and giving the premium automotive experience. The exterior is designed and made to match the future technology specifications. The headlights, front grille, the revised hood, rear lights and back portion are all renewed in an extraordinary way. The motor authority is proud to announce the all-new features though they are not all disclosed yet. The wheelbase is impressive and the exterior too throw a special focus on the redesign.

2016 - Dodge Wildcat  Interior

2016 – Dodge Wildcat Interior

The refinements so made to 2016 Dodge Wildcat are very nice and a step forward to go for this model. Awesome leather finishing of the seat covers, well-designed dashboard and gearbox speaks the beauty of the internal features quite well. Being the muscle car, it has few attentive features that excel in the existence and performance. The steering and the doors are impressively redesigned from the lineup to access the interest of the enthusiast. Technical features are all clubbed in it such as GPS, Wi-Fi to enable tech-friendly drive.

Engine and Mileage

Highly powerful engine drives the muscle cars and so in case of 2016 Dodge Wildcat. Hybrid cars are most energetic in the appearance and fantastic in driving. The V8 6.2 ltr engine lets the car move and the 707 horsepower is awesome in letting it move. The muscle cars are not so good in fuel-economy still this model emphasizes on optimum fuel economy that escalates the renewed design. Mileage is not a constraint for luxury cars though the manufacturers are exercising on giving the ultimate combination of fuel-economy and luxury.

2016 - Dodge Wildcat  Engine

Dodge Wildcat 2016 Engine

Price and Release Date of 2016 Dodge Wildcat

The grand release of Dodge Wildcat 2016 may be in the first quarter of 2016. Price and few specifications are not out yet. Waiting for the day and taking the invoice makes it all to buy the refinished lineup of this car.

2016 - Dodge Wildcat  Rear View

2016 – Dodge Wildcat Rear View

2016 Dodge Wildcat is an awesome muscle car that enables the perfect combination of power and beauty to install finest impression on the car lovers.

Next Gen: Dodge Wildcat: Video

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