2016 Hummer H3 Concept Rumor, Price

The new 2016 Hummer H3 will be the real king of the road. The American manufacturer will be targeting the new Hummer H3 at adventure loving SUV community. With new designs and upgrades, Hummer H3 is truly the vehicle that will dominate the SUV market. Unlike its predecessor 2015 Hummer H3, the new SUV will be more powerful off-road vehicle. This SUV vehicle will have similar chassis and wide wheel base similar to the existing model. The new Hummer H3 2016 will be more comfortable with improved room space and rich interior.

2016 Hummer H3

Exterior and Interior Changes

The exterior and interior of the new Hummer H3 2016 will be quite similar to the existing model. Though, the first 2013 Hummer H3 was well received by its millions of admirers worldwide the next edition will also be well received. New H3 will be more bulky and armored plated at the front and rear side. It will be the best off road vehicle due to its well protected underbody, 10 inch road clearance, large chrome grille, etc. Though it’s the finest off road vehicle, it might get a bit tougher to use it in city due to its huge size especially for parking and driving through back streets.

2016 Hummer H3 - Interior

The new H3 comes with ultimate comfort for passengers with a lot of room space. The American vehicle will truly give you the feeling of a combat vehicle. Interiors comes with the finest leather bucket styled seats, 7 inch touch screen infotainment system, 6 way adjustable power system, electronic stability control system, large panic brake assist, large cargo volume, anti lock four wheel disc brakes, etc. With all these features and lot more, the Humvee will be most popular SUV next year.

Engine and Mileage

2016 Hummer H3 - Engine

The new Hummer H3 will have the best engine that suit off road and city road driving. With a 5.3 Liter LH8 V8 engine, this new SUV comes with 300 hp and 320 lb-ft torque. The new H3 2016 will be little low in fuel economy with 13 mpg in city and 16 mpg in highway. Four wheel drive system with 9.7 inch ground clearance. The new 2016 Hummer H3 will have maximum towing capacitance of 3000 lbs for 5 manual transmission and 4500 lbs for 5 speed automatic transmissions. The new Humvee H3 2016 is truly and American powerful performer.


  • Model: H3
  • Make: Hummer
  • Year: 2016
  • Price:$ 32000 (Est.)
  • Engine: V8
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 300
  • Displacement:5.3 L
  • Towing capacity: 4,500 lbs

2016 Hummer H3 Price and Release Date:

2016 Hummer H3 - Rear View

The  H3  SUV was expected to be in showrooms late 2015 however it will hit showrooms in mid 2016. Official pricing of the vehicle is not revealed yet but the new H3 will start at $32,000 U.S dollars.


The new Hummer H3 will be one of the best off roads for 2016. Here are few competitors of the new powerful H3 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser, 2016 Range Rover SVR, and 2016 Ford Explorer, 2016 Subaru Forester. The new 2016 Hummer H3 will truly rule the roads of America.

Power Off-Road SUV: Hummer H3 2016 : Video

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