2016 Scion CH-R Concept

The Toyota family’s member the new 2016 Scion CH-R Concept crossover car has caught every eye in the LA Auto Show. Hailing from Japan the Toyota Scion is best known for its high performance, compact size and high ride height. The car has received some mix opinions and reviews. It’s going to be one fast car people worldwide would love to own. It will have the new BMW developed engine equipped with 1.5 liters in displacement till 170hp. The Scion is also expected to have one or two electric motors having 200hp and, of course, a four wheel drive which is going to land almost anywhere without any hassle.

2016 Scion CH-R Concept

Scion CH-R Concept 2016

Exterior and Interior Details

The exterior of the new Scion CH-R Concept 2016 crossover is based on the avant-garde model. The car will have a razor-sharp look with a beautiful rear. The tail of the car is relatively like a notch and has replicated the rear face of VW Beatle but an angry one. The front of the car is all focused on the logo similar to its parent company Toyota.

2016 Scion CH-R Concept - Side View

Scion CH-R Concept 2016 – Side View

The new Scion CH-R 2016 Concept is coming with 21-inch wheels, all black roofs on top of a red body, the body is very rigid and the exterior is graphite black. The Scion CH-R has a diamond-like shape due to its sharp sides. The car has amazing driving dynamics, the functionality and handling are way above the expectations. Right in front of the driver, the center displays the position of the selected gear which doesn’t even require much attention of the driver while driving and can be seen comfortably.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Scion CH-R Concept

2016 Scion CH-R Concept - Rear View

Scion CH-R Concept 2016 – Rear View

As mentioned above the engine of 2016 Scion CH-R Concept will have new BMW developed engine equipped with 1.5 liters in displacement till 170hp. This hybrid car that might have one or two electric motors.  The engine is meant to create enough torque for the car to attain great speed and better range.

Price and Release Date

According to Toyota, the release date and the price of the Scion CH-R vehicle will be revealed in 2016.

2016 Scion CH-R Concept - FI

Scion CH-R Concept 2016

The new CH-R car production is expected to arrive in the US with the Scion pendant. The new Scion CH-R is ready to give an open challenge to the Nissan Juke, Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3 and many others supercars.

Supercar Concept: Scion CH-R Concept 2016: Video

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