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2016 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

The new 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport is an upgraded version for the acceleration lovers as it has the 1.6-litre engine( both electric and gas) that makes 295 hp and 295 lb-ft supported by two 113-hp electric motors and is set to leave a mark in the hatchback category. The GTE had a great welcome at the LA Auto Show and geared up to hit the entire European Nation to reveal its glimpse. The new 2016 Golf GTE Sport hailing from Germany the car is armoured with all the updated gadgets and can give the neck to neck competition in the market to any supercars falling into this category.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport

Exterior and Interior Details

The new  Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport 2016 is equipped with new gadgets but is user-friendly. The driver seat has been modified per the long way back bucket seats with 5 points belts as per the comfort of the driver for long drive purposes and by keeping the feedbacks from the earlier version in consideration. The interior of the car will give you the ambiance of the sports car not less than an inch as the company has used carbon and microfiber separately in the drivers and the passengers seating areas and all the gadgets are upgraded to electronic version and is sensitized with the engine and the car is going to elapse the difference between.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport - Interior

Talking about the exterior of the new Volkswagen Golf Sport 2016 Concept which can make a spectator immerse into her beauty invested long alignment of hours to make her look perfect in the crowd. The doors of the VW Golf Sport are extended a long way up and down into the side sills for the driver and the passenger to be seated comfortably. The wheels are provided with extra dreadlocks to grasp the road more effectively.

Engine and Mileage of 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport - Engine

This new VW Golf GTE Sport can switch into different modes according to the condition and the mood of the driver. For the very first time, Golf has come up with three motors. The combustion engine of the Golf is turbocharged 1.6 litre four cylinder direct –injection engine (TSI) that produces 220kW/299 PS of power and a maximum torque of 400Nm. The components used are consists of the lithium-ion battery and two electric motors. Two of three electric motors have a power output of 85kW wherein the front electric motor is integrated into the housing of 6- speed DSG(DQ400E).

Price and Release date of 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport

The release date for the new Volkswagen Golf GTE is due in 2016 along with its price.

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport - Rear View

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport  is an ultimate performer in the history of hatchbacks with the new gadgets and eye catching features to hypnotize a racing care lover. Its grand debut has already mesmerized the world and now it’s time to paddle the gas and let the Volkswagen Golf GTE feel the air.

Futuristic Golf: VW Golf GTE Sport 2016: Video

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