2017 Mercedes SL 550 Price

It will not take your time to wait for the latest and advanced 2017 Mercedes SL 550 Roadster since the German company would launch it very soon. It was revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show for its American audience. This limited version car is the most expected versions for American marketplace that is fairly promising to go with the modern look. As we know that this car is quite popular among Americans but only 100 of these will be produced.

2017 Mercedes SL 550

Mercedes SL 550 2017

Exterior and Interior

Coupe-Cabrio body is painted matt black and will also be available in white, silver and blue. The bi-color alloy wheel with five dual spokes comes from a division of AMG in addition to 19-inch. The other particulars are identical to the European form. Calipers front brake discs are silver in addition to transferring the logo of Mercedes, all four light are tinted.

2017 Mercedes SL 550 - Interior

Mercedes SL 550 2017 – Interior

The interior of the new Mercedes SL 550 2017 is dominated by black leather with contrast chrome details. Similarly, shine and air escape openings in the seating brings air to the neckline of both travellers. The seats are recently designed and the rooftop lining is like the respite of the interior is similarly black.

Engine and Mileage of 2017 Mercedes SL 550

2017 Mercedes-Benz SL 550 - Side View

Mercedes-Benz SL 550 2017 – Side View

For the European form,  Mercedes SL 550 2017 might confuse you with the American form since almost both the car has similar features. In the term of its engine section, the car has a fork-eight engine that is intended with the volume for about 5461 cm3. The new SL 550 is accomplished to create output for about 285kW at 6000 min-1 whereas the torque power might be around 530Nm among 2800 to 4800 min-1. Although its still very early and not much information is revealed we will have to wait to make any statement based on their planned time.

Release date and Price of 2017 Mercedes SL 550

It is predicted that the base form of the new Mercedes SL 550 might cost $95,000. The release date is anticipated in the mid of 2016 for this sporty car.

2017 Mercedes SL 550 - Rear view

Mercedes SL 550 2017 – Rear view

The new SL-Class Roadster has a wide array of rivalry due to its extensive range of powertrain choices, but the Porsche 911 Cabriolet squad seems to match it fine. The biggest development for stress-free driving in the new SL-class is adding to this vehicle driver aid features. Sitting low in addition to sleek on Mercedes-Benz’s stage at the Los Angeles car show, Mercedes SL 550 hides severe power below its long hood.

Elegance and Power: Mercedes SL 550: Video

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