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2017 Subaru WRX

2017 Subaru WRX is going to perk up its predecessor with a complete redesign, to create this already flourishing car the real deal for 2017. The newer model of WRX would show numerous improvements over the preceding one, with many new features as well as a much better performance in addition to better fuel efficiency.

Subaru WRX 2017

Exterior and Interior

Other than coming with three diverse trims, the new WRX hatchback is more or less the similar as general design. However, several small improvement like the new front and back bumpers and the upgraded LED light head in addition to fog lights will actually make the difference. They look great in addition to futuristic, and a brand new paint job will augment the room for customization. For those who like added personalization, limited-slip differential and tuned suspension are as well available. Overall, the auto will look a little bigger in addition to larger.

Subaru WRX 2017 - Interior

Previous 2017 Subaru WRX models were fairly good in terms of nifty particulars, so there’s not much room for numerous improvements. However, we could expect several upgrade in terms of newer technology for the weather control, the 8 speakers audio scheme and the display screen. iPod control ability, iTunes Tagging ability, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, and auxiliary input jack would probably standard for all model.

 Engine and Mileage of 2017 Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX 2017 - Engine

Like many other forthcoming cars, 2017 Subaru WRX proposes to his clientele two diverse engine choice. The first one is an extremely powerful turbocharged 2.0-liter, flat 4-cylinder Boxer engine with a top performance estimated at 268 horsepower in addition to 258 pound-feet of torque. It is a full 4×4 powered engine, as well as the transmission is a manual 6-speed gearbox. As an elective, the driver can decide a CVT that includes steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.  The other engine is yet more powerful.


  • year: 2017
  • make: Subaru
  • Model: WRX
  • price: $ 40,000
  • 0-60 time: 4.5 sec. (Est.)
  • Top Speed: 155 mph (Est.)

Release date and Price of 2017 Subaru WRX

The official date of release for new Subaru WRX 2017 has not so far been announced, but it’s predictable between the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. Prices would range from a least of $26.000 up to $40.000 US Dollars for the better engine, full-optional model.
Subaru WRX 2017 - Side View

Although usually being seen as a common approach for some companies, announce the new product before the time seems as well being done by Subaru. Based on several rumors, the new Subaru WRX hatchback is going to be declared by Subaru as facing the new-year marketplace on the next 2017.

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