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2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe – Enjoy The Interesting Combination Of Power And Style

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe is a medium sized SUV. It is rumored to replace the Volkswagen Routan that was disappointing due to lesser sales. It is still not clear how many seats this German SUV vehicle would have but it will be most probably a seven-seater for the US markets.

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe

Exterior / Interior of 2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe

It has been learnt that the vehicle is based on the Volkswagen MQB platform. Its boxy structure is eye-catching with appealing lines. 192.5 inches long and 66.1 inches high, the vehicle will stand prominent on the road whether moving or standing still. With a wheelbase of 2979 mm, it has a lengthy and broad hood. An aggressive look along with imposing stylishness makes it highly desirable. The air intakes in the front, headlamps and roofline create an indelible impression at a glance.

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe Interior

A plush interior of this vehicle is definitely an attraction. Elite quality materials have been used all over. Napa leather has been used for the seat covers. Apart from the advanced navigation system, there is also a 10.1-inch touchscreen placed on the center console for managing all the functions. The safety of the passengers has been taken care by including advanced airbag system.

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe Exterior

Engine and Mileage of 2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe

The new Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe SUV vehicle is equipped with a new technology plug-in hybrid system coupled with lithium-ion batteries. The engine is 3.0 L turbocharged V-6 gasoline. It is rated at 415 hp and capable of generating 516 lb-ft. of torque. It is a direct fuel injection model. Two electric motors will be provided too. However, the electric motors will let you go only up to 21 miles. The standard will be 4-wheel drive while all-wheel drive will be optional. Top speed reaches up to 236 km/hr.

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe Engine

The dual power source i.e. gas and electric motors allow the vehicle to reach 79 mpg. If gasoline one is used solitarily, the mileage availed will be 34 mpg in all. Electric sources by itself will push this machine to achieve 75 mph.

Price and Release Date

The official price of the new Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe 2015 vehicle has not been declared yet. It is expected to be in the market sometime in 2015.

This SUV marks the expansion of Volkswagens range of such vehicles. The hybrid engine is geared to give great power along with electric motor sources. 2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe gives an easy run of 740 miles with electric and gasoline powers combined.

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