Google Self-Driving Car Project Price, News

Google’s self-driving car project was started in 2009 on one premise: build an autonomous vehicle by 2020. 

Now, it’s seven years later, and Google’s test cars have driven two million miles in four cities around the nation and have learned everything from how to honk politely to how to sense cyclists and pedestrians. 

But Google has also failed to commercialize its cars so far — falling behind competitors like Uber and Tesla, despite being the first company to put the cars on the road — and has lost some of its best talent to other companies in the industry.

As Google prepares to spin out the project as its own company under the Alphabet umbrella, here’s a look back at the company’s progress in building the world’s first fully autonomous vehicle.

Google launched its self-driving car project in 2009 under the leadership of Sebastian Thrun, a Stanford University professor who is lauded as the founder of the autonomous car. While at Google, Thrun led several projects at Google’s X research lab, including Google Glass and Street View. Thrun has since left Google and is now the founder of education startup Udacity.

Source: businessinsider

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