Tesla Model 3 debut in March 2016

The new Tesla Model 3 sedan EV is planned to make a big debut in March 2016, at which time Tesla will start taking preorders. Creation is relied upon to increase sometime later, with the first cases arriving in 2016 although the new Model 3 is more secure and well-placed. Established in 2003, the California-based electric manufacturer set out with the objective of toppling the automobile business the norm. To that end, Tesla’s most recent play is known as the Model 3 and it has a 200 miles range. There are possibilities for the company to launch a complete autonomous 2020 Tesla Model 3 cars.

2016 Tesla Model 3

Interior and Exterior Design

As proven by official rendering, the Tesla Model 3 has slick components found on both the current Model S and the Model X. The same essential lines of Tesla’s outline are all present, with a long, inclining hood, well-proportioned wheel curve flares encasing substantial haggles profile tires, a former set lodge, and a fastback rooftop. It’s trendy yet not particular, crisp and forward-looking but rather not strange.  It has honed headlights and a reshaped grille. Additionally, you can find forms on the hood, and there are new shoulder wrinkles in the flanks. The back traveler glass is littler with shorter shades, and a couple of chrome sprinkled all over.

The new Model 3 sedan accompany radiant extravagance inside arrangement, yet the more moderate passage level Model 3 will in all likelihood get a minimization in materials and trim. While calfskin, wood, and aluminum decorate the inside of the S, the III will most likely have a big touchscreen to control the different vehicle highlights. Bluetooth availability, USB charge focuses, and route ought to all be standard, with extra bundles for stuff like a back reinforcement camera, Wi-Fi Internet and warmed seats.

Engine and Mileage Specs

The new Model 3 has a force yield of 760bhp. The American automaker Tesla is relied upon to offer the Model 3 with either rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive pretty much as it does with the Model S. Strangely, all-wheel-drive forms of the Model S has preferably asserted reach over back wheel-drive models, and we wouldn’t be astounded if the same is connected to the Model 3. The American manufacturer claims they can give this electric vehicle another 170 miles of extent in 30 minutes.  This electric vehicle will be slightly lighter than the Model S, along these lines will require less energy to cover the same separation, it’s conceivable you won’t need to spend as long sitting tight for the batteries to energize for the same impact.


  • Model: Model 3
  • Make: Tesla
  • Year: 2016 /2017
  • Price: $35,000
  • 0-6o time: 7 seconds
  • Top Speed:  125 mph (Est.)

New 2016 Tesla Model 3 Price and Release Date

2016 Tesla Model 3 - Rear View

Despite the fact there’s no official Tesla 3 discharge date yet, it’s impossible it’ll hit the showrooms before mid-2016.  Tesla Model 3 Price is $35,000 U.S dollars; it wouldn’t be astounding if the creation auto went to the UK with a £35,000 for it’s an elite model that would match different cars.


With the introduction of the Model 3, the American company plans to make a big appearance in 2016, at which time Tesla will start taking preorders. This EV has the best utilities and it is affordable. It has speed and power. It will have a bit of competition from the manufacturers own 2016 Tesla Model S, 2016 BMW i3, 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf, etc.


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